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Sasol Opportunity Team Assistant

Team Assistant

Sasol invite qualifying candidates to apply for a vacant as Team Assistant. The opportunity will afford the applicants a vast of exposure on the field and be awarded with best experiences. The Business Unit for the post in Secunda Synfuels Operations.

  • HRC Name: Christelle Beerwinkel
  • Job Title: Team Assistant
  • Primary Reporting: Senior Manager Water and Ash
  • Secondary Reporting: Area Manager
  • Business Unit: Secunda Synfuels Operations
  • Department: Production Inside Ash (Water and Ash)
  • Location: Secunda, Mpumalanga, South Africa
  • Role Category: Process Implementation

Closing date: 02 November 2017

Position Summary

Purpose of Job /Role Intent

To provide expert clerical services to a department as part of an integrated administrative and office support function


Minimum Qualifications and Experience required

  • Candidates must have Grade 12
  • Candidates must have Drivers Licence
  • Candidates must have Relevant certificate/diploma/national higher diploma (Wish)
  • Candidates must have 2 to 3 years’ Experience as an administrator or secretary
  • Candidates must be Proficient with Windows office

Business Results

1.Delivery results

  • Candidates must Ensure that self and team meet targets, due dates and quality standards
  • Candidates must Develops and give inputs to systems and processes that enable effective and efficient administrative operations
  • Candidates must Meet individual and contribute to team targets
  1. Cost awareness and control

  • Candidates must Complete all tasks in a manner that demonstrates an understanding of financial planning and control principles
  • Candidates must Use, control and maintain all BU and Sasol equipment, time , infrastructure and other resources efficiently and effectively ( cost and time)
  1. SHER Target

  • Candidates must Promote and achieve SHER targets consistently and with dedication
  • Candidates must Meet all BU and Sasol safety and risk objectives and behave in a manner that ensures a safe risk free work environment
  1. Plan, organize, control and report own work

  • Candidates must Ensure all clerical tasks are planned, controlled and reported as per the BU and Sasol requirements
  1. Policies, practices, standards, procedures and methods: application and compliance

  • Candidates will Review compliance and follow up against the standards and objectives
  • Candidates will Adheres to standard procedures and practices with guidance
  1. Problem solving and decision making

  • Candidates must Resolve work obstacles and issues positively and quickly
  • Candidates must Learn to use problem solving and decision making methodology

Relationships, teamwork and collaboration

1.Working relationships with customers (internal )

  • Candidates must Build good professional relationships with customers, managers and peers in order to understand their needs
  • Candidates must Demonstrate positive behaviour towards all customers, reflective of the BU and Sasol values and an understanding of specific customer needs
  1. Team and colleague communication

  • Candidates must Demonstrate effective listening and communication skiils when dealing with colleagues
  • Candidates must Project a positive image of the department
  • Candidates must Develop healthy and constructive communication with team, colleagues and management

3.Manager and team relationships

  • Candidates must Develop and maintain effective working relationships with managers and peers
  • Candidates must Develop effective manager and peer working relationships

4.Continuous improvement

  • Candidates must Improve present way of doing work by continuously asking questions
  • Candidates must Share and implement new ideas regarding work
  • Candidates must Improve personal work processes

Team Assistant

Relationships / Contacts / Communication

  1. Manager

  • Candidates will Weekly receive feedback on performance, focus areas, and priorities alignment

2.Working relations with customers (internal and external)

  • Weekly, alignment and preparation.

Major Challenges/Problem Solving

  • Candidates must Show willingness to use knowledge and experience to implement changes in a positive and productive manner

Own decisions or Recommendations

  • Candidates must Ensure that the organizational intent is expressed through the practices used

Management planning cycle (Micro vs Macro planning)

  • Candidates must do Scheduling and organizing tasks and activities in accordance to the functioning of the BU

Accountability (Nature and degree of impact)

  • Prime: Job has controlling impact on end results, or exercises direct control over resources used.
  • Shared: Job has joint or shared control with another/ others (except own superior or subordinates).
  • Job has direct accountability for end results but cannot exercise direct control over resources used to achieve the end result.
  • Contributory: Job provides interpretive, advisory or facilitating services for use by others to achieve results, generally found in staff or support functions.
  • Remote: Provision of information, record-keeping or incidental services for use by others.
  • Job activity may be complex but typically takes place after the event as a result cannot impact on the action that was taken

How To Apply

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